Notos Travel

notosNotos Travel is a newly established travel agency in Santorini, based in the village of Megalochori in Santorini. A valuable partner for visitors to beautiful Santorini and for tourism professionals, Notos Travel arranges comfortable and reliable transfers, tours to all corners of the island, and excursions  to  the caldera and  the islands nearby.

You can rely on Notos Travel to organize your stay in fabled Santorini in the most effective way. Notos Travel was created with one thing in mind – to make your visit to Santorini comfortable and relaxing. We provide stress-free transfers and other high-quality tourist services that contribute to your enjoyment of the emotional and aesthetic experience that is Santorini.

Click to find our suggestions for all types of accommodations in Santorini…
car-rentals-santoriniCar Rental
If you wish to rent a car, motorbike or ATV, Notos Travel will recommend the best rates…
transfer-services-santoriniTransfer Services
Transfers for groups of people for weddings, parties, events and conferences…
cruise_travelers_santoriniCruise Travelers
Excursions and tours around the island for cruise visitors…
services_5Yacht & Sailing Cruises
Swim in the hot springs and stroll on the red and the white beach with a catamaran boat…
sightseeing-tours-santoriniSightseeing Tours
Notos Travel of Santorini organizes tours and excursions around the island of Santorini…
services_4Boat Trips in Santorini
Whatever the time of day, you can take a boat trip to Santorini’s nearby islands or to the volcanoes.
castle-tours-santoriniWinery Tours, Sunset tours, beach tours
Ideal for both long- term vacationers and cruise-ship passengers.
vip-transfers-santoriniVIP Services in Santorini
Notos Travel in Santorini provides luxury cars and a range of exclusive VIP services that will take your Santorini vacation to a higher level.
With Pleasure And Passion
We “Travel” Together In The Island Of Santorini, Greece

Notos Travel was created by a group of experienced tourism professionals. Notos Travel personnel will arrange transportation, transfers, tours, and accommodations for you anywhere on Santorini. Their creative ideas and suggestions will make your stay on Santorini restful, allowing you to enjoy the full array of Santorini’s legendary beauty.
The Notos Travel team will help you plan your trip, ensuring that accommodations are exactly what you’re looking for. They will transport you safely to all parts of the island.