Pyrgos Restaurant

resto-1Enjoy your dinner or a wedding event in Pyrgos Restaurant, Santorini
Breathtaking View, Unique Atmosphere, Aegean Cuisine

Restaurant “Pyrgos” welcomes you to Santorini and the beautiful village of Pyrgos. Situated in an idyllic location overlooking the entire island, restaurant “Pygos”, for 25 years, has been serving the finest products from the land and the sea from the island of Santorini.

With respect to every aspect of Santorini’s and traditional cuisine, restaurant “Pyrgos” has been established on the island as one of the best restaurants serving from early morning till late at night. While the exquisite banquet halls are covering your organizing needs for an unforgettable wedding reception and any other event.

Restaurant “Pyrgos” in Santorini is built on levels, with large windows and stands as an observatory at the entrance of Pyrgos village, which is at the center of the island. From all areas of the restaurant “Pyrgos” you can enjoy great views across the island of Santorini, and also the unique and famous sunset of Santorini.

resto-2Restaurant “Pyrgos” after the renovation in 2009 has specially designed reception halls with all necessary facilities to organize a wedding reception, and any kind of event. The halls of the restaurant “Pyrgos” can accommodate up to 600 people. The special menus, the impeccable service, the experienced staff and the specialized approach to every single event guarantee a truly memorable experience for you and your guests.

Whatever brings you to the restaurant “Pyrgos” you will definitely enjoy a wonderful and representative experience of Santorini’s hospitality with unique flavors and friendly service.

Type of Events that we can accommodate at Pyrgos Restaurant in Santorini: Wedding ceremony | Wedding reception | Wedding rehears and dinner |Banquet dinner | Private party | Conference dinner | Anniversary |Birthdays


Weddings & Events Reception in Santorini

resto-3Accommodate your wedding or event at Pyrgos Restaurant in Santorini

The facilities of the restaurant “Pyrgos” after the renovation in 2009, offers a range of halls that you can organize your wedding ceremony, the wedding reception or any event you want.

Restaurant “Pyrgos” is one of the best proposals on the island of Santorini in organizing your wedding.

From the ceremony in the church of Aghia Fotini until the wedding reception the experience of the friendly staff, the modern facilities, the excellent menu choices with flavors from all over Greece, the beautiful views of the island of Santorini from all halls and areas and the incompatible services allow you to enjoy the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception in Santorini from beginning to the last minute.

The halls and capacity at restaurant “Pyrgos”:

  • Garden-Outdoor space: 60 to 150 people
  • Panorama Hall (upper level): 35 to 60 people
  • Central Hall (ground floor): 120 to 600 people
  • Agia Fotini Hall (lower level): 35 to 100 people

hallsApart from the wedding reception at the premises of the restaurant “Pyrgos” you can also organize:

  • Wedding ceremony in the church of Aghia Fotini*
  • Wedding reception
  • The wedding rehearsal
  • Baptism
  • Birthday Party
  • Lunch or dinner
  • Business lunch or dinner
  • Conference
  • Anniversary

Children policy: 0-2 years old free of charge 2-6 years old 50% discount

Pyrgos Restaurant in Santorini

Greek Hospitality, Aegean Cuisine, Perfect Location

On entering the restaurant “Pyrgos”, by the entrance next to the windmill or the bridge, the main restaurant represents a traditional courtyard with bougainvilleas, cobblestones, Cycladic details, wood and stone from Santorini. The decoration is giving a wonderful sense of island hospitality to its guests.

Enjoy the dew that the stone floors and the dense foliage of the flowers and plants are offering, relax on the chairs, and enjoy hot and cold dishes as you are gazing over the “backbone” of caldera and across the island of Santorini.

Restaurant “Pyrgos” in Santorini is one of the best places to enjoy the famous sunset ordering delicacies inspired by Santorini and Greek cuisine and sipping a glass of wine from the vineyards of Santorini.
Our restaurant has specially designed reception halls (for weddings or other events) with all necessary facilities to organize a wedding reception, and any kind of event.

Our Cuisine at Pyrgos Restaurant in Santorini

The unique products of Santorini’s volcanic soil, seafood and fish from the Aegean sea, fine meats and fresh vegetables are the raw materials that with the talent of the cook are turned into delicious dishes inspired by Santorini and Greek cuisine.

Enjoy the flavors of the “Pyrgos” restaurant’s menu as you travel from the volcanic shores of Santorini in the flavors of all Greece. Fresh salads, appetizers like fluffy eggplant pastries and cool tzatziki, juicy meats like lamb made soft and delicious meet the famous lobster pasta just to name a few suggestions of the culinary delights that are daily prepared at the restaurant “Pyrgos” in Santorini.

Wine list includes wines carefully selected from the famous Santorini vineyards and include white, red and rosé wines from Greece as well.

The Halls at Pyrgos Restaurant, Santorini

Panorama Hall
The Panorama Hall is located at the upper level of “Pyrgos” restaurant and has a capacity of 30 to 60 people. Painted in white with minimal decor and spectacular views of the island of Santorini is the ideal room for small events and wedding ceremonies and receptions, and also for those looking for a private room with amazing views of Santorini. Panorama Hall can be set for the needs of a small conference and has a private terrace with views.

Central Hall
The Central Hall is located on the ground floor of the restaurant “Pyrgos”. It is the largest hall of “Pyrgos” restaurant and can accommodate 120 to 600 people. The Central Hall can be “tailored” made for the needs of a wedding party or any sort of big event and has wonderful views across the island of Santorini.

Aghia Fotini Hall
The Aghia Fotini Hall can accommodate 35 to 100 people and is located on the lower level of the restaurant “Pyrgos”. It is ideal for weddings, receptions, parties and conferences and has autonomy, its own private balcony and panoramic views of the island of Santorini.

The Garden
Garden is the outdoor space of “Pyrgos” restaurant, located outside the restaurant’s main entrance and can accommodate 60 to 150 people. It has views across Santorini and is traditionally decorated with a paved courtyard, flowers and many details of Cycladic architecture. The Garden operates as the main restaurant area (ala carte) from spring to autumn. It can also be rented partly or entirely for your event. Also in the Garden you can enjoy a welcome drink before entering the main venue of your event.